1.Devotionals and free downloads.

We offer a wide variety of free online resources to help our members build up their faith and strengthen their walk with Jesus. Free downloads of devotionals, prayer books, other Christian literature, music, messages, games etc. You can click the link below to get a simple guide to Prayer for Nurses (

2.Prayer Requests

As Christians, we know that one of the toughest challenges for a believer is the ability to wait on God for answers to prayers. In moments as these, we encourage our members to share their prayer requests with us so that we can agree with them in prayer.
Our prayer team will join you in prayers and provide you with the emotional and moral support you need to get through difficult times. You can submit your prayer needs here at (


Catch up on all our events, conferences, hangouts, meetings etc. View live and past pictures, videos, see comments, reactions from members and don’t feel left out of anything we’re doing. Also find links to upcoming events and happenings like our Nurses of Faith conference which will be happening in October 2021. Register for events, make reservations or sign up to receive updates using the link


So what are your biggest fears and worries when it comes to your faith, your family and your career? As members of this organization, these and many more are some of the questions we want to help you find the right answers to.
  • Do you want to be free to discuss your faith without fear of repercussion or job loss?
  • Want to build a better, more intimate relationship with Jesus as a nurse?
  • Thinking of how best you can serve through God your work as a nurse without completely burning out?
  • On days when you feel worn-out, despair or disappointment, who do you turn to?
  • Would you like some practical tools to help you feel more confident and empowered to live out your calling?
At Nurses of Faith, we help our members navigate through tough personal and interpersonal dilemmas they might face in work and life generally. You can click the link and sign up to join the waitlist for new members (